Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit: (Updated 2024)

Subaru Outback is one of the best-selling SUVs across the U.S. and is loved by many people as it serves you well during the trip but how much it can hold on its roof? Let’s find out in this quick post for you.

Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit (By models)

The roof rack weight limit of the Subaru Outback is 176 LBS on average irrespective of the model you own but you may load some extra weight on the roof while it is parked in a safe and secure location.

Let’s talk a bit more about the roof rack of the Subaru Outback and clear some of the common doubts you may have.

Subaru Outback Roof Rack Dimensions

According to, The dimensions of the Subaru Outback roof rack are 48x 46 which can easily accommodate a decent amount of luggage on the roof racks.

It is good to be aware of the weight limit of your vehicle, but it’ll be even better If you know the dimensions, too, because it is as important as weight while loading luggage.

If you put luggage that is actually wider than the actual dimensions of your vehicle, you may have to face a lot of trouble while driving it.

With a dimension of 48×46, you can load huge luggage like a bed without any issues. Just make sure that the luggage is smaller than the mentioned dimension.

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Subaru Outback static weight capacity

According to, the static weight capacity of the Subaru Outback is 650 lbs or 294 Kg.

If you haven’t heard a term like static weight before, there’s no need to be worried, as I’ll explain it briefly below.

What is static weight capacity anyway?

Static weight capacity refers to the weight that a specific thing, like a car, could hold when it is in idle condition and not moving in any direction.

There are multiple occasions where you need to load a lot of luggage on your Subaru Outback, and 165 lbs or 176 lbs aren’t going to be good enough for you in that kind of situation.

Such scenarios arise when you are,

  • Camping with a rooftop tent.
  • Going to a picnic with your family.
  • Adventure camping.

In such situations, you can make full use of the static weight limit of your Subaru Outbreak and load as much luggage as possible to have a good time with your friends and family.

On your Subaru Outback, you have the freedom to load any kind of luggage at a maximum of 650 lbs or 294 kg and I would advise you don’t ever cross this limit.

Subaru Outback crossbar Weight Limit

According to, the maximum weight limit for Subaru Outback’s crossbar is 150 lbs or 68 Kg.

Don’t get confused between a roof rack and crossbars because both are different things but they serve the same purpose i.e carry your load on a trip.

The major difference between these things is, Crossbars have two bars whereas roof racks are modular and capable of holding more load than Crossbars.

In case, If you are planning to use a crossbar while travelling on your Subaru Outback, don’t load luggage of more than 150 lbs.

Subaru Outback roof rack problem

You may face some problems on the roof rack of the Subaru Outback such as:

  • Not able to hold overweight items.
  • Noise on the roof racks.

 1. Not able to hold overweight items

One of the most common problems a lot of Subaru Outback owners face is they are not able to drive the car properly after loading huge luggage on the roof rack.

Even though Subaru offers strong roof racks, some people have complained that there is a wobble on the roof racks even on driving the car at a normal speed like 50 MPH or 60 PMH.

What you can do in this situation is, lower the luggage which you don’t necessarily need, or else replace the roof rails of your car. It is as simple as that.

A good roof rack for your Subaru Outback will cost you anywhere between $150 and $200 and If you want even stronger ones, you’ll have to pay a little extra for that.

 2. Noise on the racks

If you are on a long trip with your family, noise from the roof racks could be really irritating and there could be various reasons for those noises.

One of the common causes for getting noise from the roof racks of your Subaru Outback is the gaps between roof racks. Just remove the gaps by putting a few other stuff in order and then you’ll longer hear those ugly noises while driving.

Another thing that is worth taking a look at is the condition of your roof racks themselves. If you are using the roof rack for a very long time, it may have been damaged. Just replace the older one with a new one and the issue will be gone in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much weight can a Subaru Outback roof rack hold?

When Subaru Outback is parked and idle condition, it can handle 650 lbs and while driving the vehicle, it can hold only anywhere between 165 lbs and 176 lbs depending upon the model.

You can easily find out the limit for your Outback model which I have mentioned in the table above.

2. Which is the best roof rack for the Subaru outback?

The best roof rack you could get for your Subaru Outback is Thule SideKick which costs less than $500 and offers great value for your money.

Even though there are a lot of good roof racks available on the market, Thule SideKick does stand out from others and it is perfectly suitable for Outback.

3. Can a Subaru Outback handle a rooftop tent?

Yes, Subaru Outback can easily handle a rooftop tent without any complications.

As I said earlier, your Subaru Outback is a powerful vehicle and it can hold up to 294 kg most rooftop tents are quite lightweight than this which means you’ll have no issues installing a rooftop tent on the Outback.

If you happen to own any of the top cars for camping like Toyota RAV4, you can take a look at whether you can put a rooftop on your RAV4.

Just make sure you get the rooftop tent from some of the best brands like Coleman or ALPS Mountaineering and you’ll have no issues using the rooftop tent on the Subaru Outback.

4. Is Subaru Outback good for camping?

Yes, Subaru Outback is suitable for camping as it has got a good cabin as well as cargo space to store your stuff.

If you are planning to camp with your Subaru Outback, you can proceed with the plan as it has got everything to offer. From cabin to cargo, there is a lot of space to store your camping stuff and if that’s not good enough, you can make use of the roof rack too.

5. Can I carry a sofa on my Subaru Outback?

If the sofa weighs less than 176 lbs, Subaru Outback will not have any problem holding it.

If it is over 176 lbs, it won’t be a good idea to load and travel with a sofa on the Outback.

6. Which is larger the Subaru Outback or the Forester?

To put it in simple words, Subaru Outback is 9.2 inches larger than the Forester.

Both are extremely well-made and powerful vehicles but in terms of size, the Outback wins by a reasonably good margin and that’s the reason why the Subaru Outback is still a favorite to a lot of people for long trips as well as camping.

I have even talked about the roof rack weight limit of the Subaru Forester on AutoComrade. Check that If you want to know more about it.

7. What is the Subaru outback wilderness roof rack capacity?

The roof rack capacity of the Subaru Outback wilderness is 176 lbs.

Similar to the regular Outback, there’s nothing much different on Wilderness too in terms of the roof rack weight capacity.

Final Words:

Apart from being a good-looking vehicle, Subaru Outback shines in almost all departments including roof racks which is one of the most important aspects of any vehicle.

As I have talked about the Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit is 176 lbs which are reasonably good to pack and load most of the luggage for a long trip without having to think about its ability to carry the luggage.

In case, If you have got any other questions about the roof rack of the Outback, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers!

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