Is Smittybilt a good brand for RTT: An Honest Answer

If you search for the best rooftop tents, I’m sure you’ll find the name Smittybilt at least in the top 5 because of the high-quality products they offer. In this post, I’m going to tell you whether you should consider Smittybilt as a companion for camping.

Is Smittybilt a good brand for Roof Top Tent Camping?

Yes, Smittybilt is a good brand for Roof Top Tent Camping as they are budget-friendly, spacious, etc however, you must be willing to sacrifice some quality over the pricing.

This one sentence itself might have revealed a lot about Smittybilt RTT, but If you want to know more, stay with me for a couple of minutes, as I will discuss it in more detail below.

I have also talked about the ALPS Mountaineering brand on AutoComrade before. You can take a look at them. If you are interested in that.

Smittybilt VS ikamper

Let’s compare the two best RTT brands with their top-selling product.

Smittybilt OverlanderSkycamp 2.0
Maximum of 4 peopleMaximum of 4 people
Maximum load capacity is 661 LBSMaximum load capacity is 900 LBS
Waterproof polyesterWaterproof polyester
Pricing starts at $1325Pricing starts at $3119

The reason why I have compared these two brands is pretty simple, and that is reliability.

Both Smittybilt and iKamper have built their reputation with their high-quality rooftop tents, and most campers know their brand name.

Where are Smittybilt products made?

Smittybilt products are being built and tested in Southern California in their Research and Development facilities.

Apart from rooftop tents, Smittybilt offers other products, such as truck bed covers, bumpers, grills, tonneau covers, doors, awnings, winches, and more.

All of these products are built in their manufacturing unit in Southern California. According to, they release their products after testing rigorously in all types of conditions so that their consumers can use them any time of the year.

Who owns Smittybilt?

Smittybilt is owned by Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP) and owns several other brands such as Pro Comp, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, etc.

Basil Smith founded Smittybilt in 1956 from his garage, and currently, it is owned by Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP), which owns other brands in a similar niche. Transamerican Auto Parts claims have over 50 years of experience in this field and are growing faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Smittybilt Overlander suitable for Subaru Forester?

Yes, Smittybilt Overlander is perfectly suitable for Subaru Forester as it has the ability to hold both the tent and campers.

I have already discussed the roof rack weight limit of the Subaru Forester here on AutoComrade, but to save you time, let me tell you to share insights here.

The Subaru Forester can easily hold 1050 LBS while it is parked, and using Smittybilt Overlander on this amazing vehicle isn’t a big deal. You can use this vehicle with this rooftop tent without worrying about the load.

Not only Forester, but you can also use this RTT on Subaru Crosstrek and Subaru Outback, as both can hold the tent without any issues.

 2. Are Smittybilt products made in USA?

Yes, Smittybilt products are made in the state of California.

3. Are Smittybilt winches good?

Yes, Smittybilt winches are good, but they can’t be compared to its competitors as they offer more than Smittybilt.

Final Words:

These days you’ll find many companies offering rooftop tents, but only a handful can retain their customers because they can’t keep the promise of delivering high-quality RTT for their pricing; however, that’s not the case with Smittybilt.

They have been delivering top-notch RTT, such as Smittybilt Overlander, which is pretty hard to ignore at this price point.

If you came here with the question: Is Smittybilt a good brand, I hope you will have your answer by now. If you have any other questions, drop them down, and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks.



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