Where are Coleman Tents Made: (It is in 3 factories)

Coleman is one of the biggest brands in the U.S that is providing outdoor gear for over 100 years but most people don’t know where they make their tents. If you have the same question in mind, I’ll give the answer to your question below.

So, Where are Coleman Tents Made?

Coleman tents are made in their own factories located in three major locations across the United States i.e Wichita, Kansas, and Texas.

Coleman Manufacturing Plant

Now that you have got to know where Coleman tents are being made, let me share a few important points and facts about this century-old company.

Who owns the Coleman brand now?

Coleman is now owned by Newell Brands which owns several outdoor brands such as Campingaz, Marmot, Contigo, and more.

Coleman was founded by William Coffin Coleman and since then, the ownership of this company has changed multiple times for different reasons.

In 1998, Newell Brands acquired an 82 percent stake in Coleman via Sunbeam Corporation, a subsidiary of Newell Brands for $1.6 Billion and they are part of this organization since then.

In the early stages, Coleman was selling gasoline pressure lamps only and after getting some success, they started offering a wide range of products.

Right now, Coleman offers products such as Coolers, Tents, Sleeping bags, Camp furniture such as Airbeds, Air Pumps, etc.

What Materials Does Coleman Use for their tents?

Coleman tents are generally built with two materials i.e Polyester and Nylon and both of them have their own pros and cons.

No matter which Coleman tent you go for, you’ll find that it is made either with Polyester or Nylon.

The Coleman tents that come with Polyester may not last for a long period of time as it is affected a lot by the sunlight. If you camp regularly in a sunny area El Paso, Arizona, Sacramento, etc, your Coleman tent may not last for a long time.

If you opt for a Coleman tent with Nylon, you can expect it to last for a good amount of time as it is prone to sunlight compared to Polyester. The price of a Nylon tent might differ from the Polyester however it’ll be worth your money for sure.

No matter which Coleman tent you opt for, you can easily install it on top of most cars such as Toyota RAV4, Subaru Crosstrek, etc.

I have also shared the roof rack capacity of the Subaru Outback and Subaru Forester as these are some of the cars for rooftop tents.

Are Coleman tents waterproof?

No, Coleman tents are not waterproof as the materials used on these tents can’t stand during rainy days.


If your priority is getting a waterproof tent for your camping I would suggest you look for any other brand because Coleman tents aren’t designed for the rainy season.

The reason for this is pretty simple. Coleman tents are being offered for a low price when compared to some other brands and materials used on these tents are relatively cheaper.

If you are looking for some of the best waterproof tents, here are my top choices:

  • MSR Hubba Hubba: This premium waterproof tent comes at a price range of a little over $500 which is perfect for monsoon and winter camping. This tent can accommodate up to 2 persons at max.
  • TETON Sports Backpacking Tent: One of the best affordable waterproof tents which is available in multiple variants. You can get a tent for 1 person or 4-person depending upon your requirement.

Is Coleman a good brand for tents?

Yes, Coleman is a good brand who are looking for a decent tent with a not-so-expensive price but without compromising on the quality.

As I said earlier, Coleman isn’t at all a new name for a lot of campers because they have been offering tents and many other outdoor gears for the last few decades till now.

Coleman tents are good for campers who are trying to camp for the first time but a lot of experienced campers won’t prefer this brand for a couple of reasons.

One of the reasons why experienced campers won’t prefer is most of the tents aren’t waterproof.

If you are okay with a decent tent without a waterproof ability, you have no reason to ignore the Coleman tents.

If you don’t know which Coleman tents you should try as a beginner or an intermediate, here are my top 3 choices:

  • Coleman Coastline 3: If you are looking for a 3-person tent for affordable pricing with good quality, you should definitely take a look at Coleman Coastline 3. This tent is suitable for 3 different seasons.
  • Coleman WeatherMaster: A large-size tent that can fit up to 10 persons and it can be used in all the 4-season. You can opt for the 6-person variant If you want to save money.
  • Coleman Cabin Tent: A 6-person tent that you can easily install in just 1 minute or even less. It is a budget-friendly tent that comes under $200 and is worth taking a look at for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. How long do Coleman tents last?

Most of the Coleman tents would last anywhere between 3-5 years from the date of purchase.

If you can care of the Coleman tents properly, they can easily last up to 5 years If not more than that.

2. Do Coleman tents come with stakes?

Yes, most of the Coleman tents do come with stakes.

You don’t have to purchase stakes for your Coleman tents as it comes free.

 3. Does Walmart own Coleman?

No, Walmart doesn’t own Coleman. It is owned by Newell Brands since 1998.

A lot of people have misinformation that Walmart owns Coleman but that’s not the case. It is owned by Newell Brands and Jarden with a partnership since 1998.

 4. Are Coleman tents rainproof?

Unfortunately, no. Most of the Coleman tents aren’t rainproof.

The materials used for Coleman tents are not designed to help you in rainy conditions.

Final Words:

Coleman is the first name that comes to mind for a lot of people while buying tents because they have built such a great reputation for delivering high-quality products over the last few decades.

If you have been wondering Where are Coleman Tents Made, you know the answer now. They manufacture their tents in Wichita, Kansas, and Texas.

If you have any other questions or doubts, let me know in the comments section and I’ll try my best to answer your question as soon as possible. Cheers!

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